What does Rain Alarm?

Rain Alarm is a handy app for your smartphone (iOS or Android). Rain Alarm can warn you in time for rainshowers in your vicinity. The app does this by tracking your location. In addition, the rainfall forecast for your current location is regularly monitored. 

What can you do with Rain Alarm?

With both the graphics function and radar function you can see the intensity of a rainstorm. The graph function indicates whether there will be mild, moderate or heavy rainfall. With the radar function, the rainfall is shown by means of visual clouds that pass your current location. The more severe the rainfall, the more intense the color of the cloud. You can also see the number of millimeters per hour of rainfall and the current temperature will be displayed. Finally, under the heading 'weather' you can find information concerning the amount of rainfall per time interval and also information concerning wind force and - direction. 

Why Rain Alarm? 

It can rain in our country all year long. Regularly we find ourselves in a rainstorm and then we will check how long it will take before it is dry. With Rain Alarm you will be warned for rainfall, so you can avoid being in the middle of a rainstorm. When a rainstorm is approaching, you can see this on the app. You can also see how long this storm lasts and whether it is a mild, moderate or severe storm.          

Is Rain Alarm for free?

Yes, Rain Alarm is for free. Though, you can buy off the advertisements that appear at the bottom of the app. For a small fee (€ 0,99) you use Rain Alarm on iOS a year without ads. This supscription applies to all of your devices, including your iPad so. After one year the subscription automatically runs off. For Android it is not possible yet to buy off ads, this will come in a future update.           

Can I change my location? 

When you go to another city, your location is automatically adjusted. Besides, you can enter yourself locations for which you want to know the rainfall forecast. Each location can be specified for street name and house number. You can add the new location on an IOS device by clicking on the white bar with location name. Then you see a screen with the locations which you've already added. listed. Top right,you can click add and type in your new location in the search bar. Then you click successively on 'ready' and 'keep'. For each location, you can enable or disable the notifications and you can indicate for each location at which precipitation level (ligt, moderate, severe) you want to be notified. Adding a location on an Android device is done by clicking right on the vertical dots. Then you go to settings and click on My Places and then click Add Location bottom right.              

All I see is adding a location, how do I delete a location?

To delete a location on an iOS device, click on the white bar with location name. Then you'll see all the locations you've added. When you delete a location, click on the three horizontal dots on the right side of the location which you want to delete. Then you click on the red bar with the trash can icon. If you click, and then choose 'Remove Location', you've removed the location. On an Android device you remove a location by going to 'My Locations' and clicking the trash can icon which is located right next to the location name.   

Where can I report the comments? 

When you open the app on an iOS device, you can see top right an information icon (i). If you click on this, you see under the heading 'information' report a problem. If you choose for this option, automatically a new email message will be opened and following you can send an email to info@drops.live. Your mail will be ASAP processed. All questions and comments regarding Rain Alarm can be sent to info@drops.live     

Why can I not find Rain Alarm on my phone?

Rain Alarm can only be downloaded on Android devices and on the iPhone. If you do not have an iPhone or Android device, it is not possible to download Rain Alarm on your smartphone.  

I go abroad, can I use Rain Alarm there? 

Rain Alarm is active in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Besides, when you are in Germany you can download Drops – der Regenalarm. This is the German variant of Rain Alarm.