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Available for IOS & Android

Rain Alarm is the best way to stay dry. The app shows the rainfall forecast for the next two hours for your current location or any other desired location. Rain Alarm can warn you in time for rainshowers in your immediate vicinity.  

With both the graphics function and radar function you can see the intensity of a rainstorm. The graph function indicates whether there will be mild, moderate or heavy rainfall. With the radar function, the rainfall is shown by means of visual clouds that pass your current location. How more severe the rainfall, the more intense the color of the cloud.  

Rain Alarm seemed to be a tremendous success in the Netherlands. The app has over 2.8 million downloads and over 2 million active users. Besides, Rain Alarm has a top ten ranking in The Apple and Android list. Rain Alarm has been chosen as number 1 Android app of 2011 by Androidworld.nl. Finally, the app is by iCulture, de largest site in the field of iPhone and iPad, chosen as best weather app. The Apple Watch has achieved a 3rd place. 

Abroad, the success has not gone unnoticed. In Germany, the app is launched under the name Drops - The Rain Alarm. The first results showed that the app also proves to be a success here. There were tens of thousands of downloads in the first week. And now, the app is available in the UK! Developments at Rain Alarm do not stand still, there are more ambitions with respect to foreign countries.

With Rain Alarm you will never be suprised. When you go for a walk with the dog, when you have to cycle home from work, or if you just want to go to the city, from now on you first check Rain Alarm! With one press at a button you can warn your friends via Facebook and Twitter for the impending rain. 

Rain Alarm can be downloaded from Google Play (Android version) and also in the App Store (iOS version).